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AHNA: Vancouver Droning

July 31, 2010

I really need to get more in tune to the music scene in Vancouver.  I have discovered a fair bit of bands in the independent scene here, and consequently became interested in a lot of the bands participating in “Fake Jazz Wednesdays.”

To think it all came about from a trip to the Surrey Art Gallery.  One particular piece which was on display there was a sewing machine which could also “play” actual noise effects done on tape (or something along those lines anyways, don’t remember the specifics).  I noticed that it was made by a person named Anju Singh, who specializes in “noise recording.”  I initially thought: “I’ll try to remember that name, maybe she’s involved in some interesting noise-projects.”  After forgetting about it for a few days, I used the power of Google, and low and behold, that’s how I got into AHNA.


While they are a self-described “drone violence duo” (featuring the aforementioned Anju on drums/shouting/violin and Graham Christofferson on bass) they also seem to add other noise and even black metal elements, especially in some the drumming.  I have a feeling that fans of Japanese noise-rock bands (such as Zeni Geva or Boredoms) may even dig some of their music.

The song Cast Out By Vomit from their Cult of One release is probably my favourite song from AHNA.  It starts out very minimal (well, they are a duo after all), then the rhythm really builds up, eventually ending with bass-drenched feedback.  The song seems reminiscent of the Greed/Holy Money era of the Swans as well, although the rest of the songs on The Cult of One are at times more fast paced.  However, their earlier Red Tape release is even much more drawn out and loop-based (similar to early industrial acts), and this is where the use of the violin truly becomes prominent.

AHNA at the Cobalt

I also have to thank the Weird Canada site, for providing a bit of info (and mp3s) on them.  I noticed that they are gonna open for Jucifer on August 6th at the Funky WinkerBeans in Vancouver, and I hope that they’ll get a good reception for that potentially VERY LOUD show.


-Cast Out By Vomit (from The Cult of One, 2008)

-Side Job (from Red Tape, 2008)

AHNA’s MySpace

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