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Heavy Metal Lunchbox (CJSR): Playlist for July 05, 2013

July 7, 2013

Wow, haven’t added a post to this website in almost 2 years (!!!???)

Anyways, while I have been doing a film-oriented music show (Exit Music For Films) on Edmonton’s own community radio station, CJSR, for almost a year now, last week I also did a fill-in for Heavy Metal Lunchbox, every Friday afternoons  on CJSR from Noon – 2pm (MST).  I enjoyed it alot, and if nothing else changes, I’ll continue to do some more fill-ins for the Lunchbox for the summer.  Here’s the playlist, and hopefully, I’ll be able to put up a podcast soon when I get the time too 🙂


Voivod – Mechanical Mind (Target Earth, 2013)

Protest the Hero – C’est La Vie (Scurrilous, 2012)

Fear Factory – Recharger (The Industrialist, 2012)

Strapping Young Lad – Detox (City, 1997)

Godflesh – Baby Blue Eyes (Pure, 1992)

Ken Mode – No, I’m in Control (Entrench, 2013)

Today is the Day – Expectations Exceed Reality (Pain Is a Warning, 2011)

Zeni Geva – Hate Trader / Interzona (Freedom Bondage, 1995)

Nailbomb – Wasting Away (Point Blank, 1994)

Sepultura – Inner Self (Beneath the Remains, 1989)

Sacrifice – Atrocity (The Ones I Condemn, 2009)

Mortillery – Seen in Death (Origin of Extinction, 2013)

Skeletonwitch – Reduced to the Failure of Prayer (Forever Abomination, 2011)

Anciients – Raise the Sun (Heart of Oak, 2013)

Weapon – Liber Lilith (Embers & Revelations, 2012)

Rudra – Avidya Nivrtti (Brahmavidya Transcendental I, 2010)

Melechesh – Return of the Nemesis (Emissaries, 2006)

Cattle Decapitation – Humanure (Humanure, 2004)

Brutal Truth – Godplayer (Need to Control, 1994)

Pig Destroyer – Baltimore Strangler (Book Burner, 2012)

Black Sabbath – Voodoo (Mob Rules, 1981)

Background Music: Black Sabbath – Supertzar (Sabotage, 1975)

Stream on Mixcloud

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